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1 July 1984

Biosynthesis of the sulfonolipid 2-amino-3-hydroxy-15-methylhexadecane-1-sulfonic acid in the gliding bacterium Cytophaga johnsonae


The biosynthesis of the sulfonolipid 2-amino-3-hydroxy-15-methylhexadecane-1-sulfonic acid (capnine) was studied by measuring the incorporation of possible precursors into the lipid by cells grown in the presence of precursors which were labeled with stable isotopes. Cells grown on yeast extract in the presence of DL-[3,3-2H2]serine contained 40.1 mol% of the protein-bound serine and 5.0 mol% of the protein-bound cysteine derived from the labeled serine. Cells grown in the presence of DL-[3,3-2H2]cystine acid contained 86.4 mol% of the molecules that had two deuteriums. These results are consistent with the possibility that biosynthesis of capnine occurs by the condensation of 13-methylmyristoyl-coenzyme A with cysteic acid, in a reaction analogous to the condensation of a palmitoyl-coenzyme A with serine to form 3-keto-sphinganine during the biosynthesis of sphingolipids.

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cover image Journal of Bacteriology
Journal of Bacteriology
Volume 159Number 1July 1984
Pages: 42 - 46
PubMed: 6330048


Published online: 1 July 1984


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