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1 June 1979

Comparison of the efficacy of steam sterilization indicators


Twenty-one commercially available chemical steam sterilization indicators were processed in an empty autoclave for various times at temperatures between 240 and 270 degrees F (ca. 116 and 132 degrees C). The time required to reach a sterilized reading at each temperature was plotted on a semilogarithmic time-temperature plot and compared with the time-temperature sterilization curve for Bacillus stearothermophilus. Five of the indicators had time-temperature kinetics similar to those of B. stearothermophilus, but three of these overestimated the effect of processing. Two of the indicators overestimated the effect of processing and were less sensitive to temperature changes when was B. stearothermophilus. Thirteen of the indicators had time-temperature curves that crossed the B. stearothermophilus plot. One indicator produced such ambiguous results that no determinations could be made with it. Out of 21 indicators tested, only 2 appear to be capable of accurately integrating the time-temperature effect at temperatures between 240 and 270 degrees F. The other indicators should be used only after careful analysis of their suitability for use at a given temperature.

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cover image Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Volume 37Number 6June 1979
Pages: 1113 - 1117
PubMed: 485144


Published online: 1 June 1979


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